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Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

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    Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

    Thanks Mark

    it is indeed good to see Olympus back posting on (and hopefully supporting in other ways) this forum.

    Sadly, i'm another who's not going to be able to make it that day, but please do keep posting here to remind us of what you have coming up whether it's about the 1X or any of your offerings

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      Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

      Good to hear from you Mark. The E-M1X is not for me, so I'll leave places for those seriously interested. I hope you do well with it. I'm much more interested in the smaller (and cheaper!) models. At least we have now heard the main reason for the delay is due to the production move from China to Vietnam. Just hoping you can get HHHR into a smaller body for landscapes etc.


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        Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

        Hello mark - and what a great offer. I'd love to come along to Brands Hatch, but TBH I'm not a serious buyer for the E-M1x so like Bruce above I'll defer to others who have a more genuine interest.

        I hope there are some similar events planned for the E-M5iii launch - as a mainly landscape & cityscape type, I'm really looking forward to its launch
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          Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

          We seem to have a duplicate thread running, so I've merged the two.

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              Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

              Originally posted by Mark Thackara View Post
              Long time no post! We have access to a BTC: British Touring Car warm up day on:

              March 27th at Brands.

              The idea is for those seriously thinking about E-M1X to try one out in a challenging environment.

              There are limited places available so please let me know if your are interested.

              Depending on numbers I may need to filter but if it is a day you can make, why not try and join us.

              FYI We do plan other events around the country over the next few months so with luck there will be other chances but this is the first.

              I look forward to hearing from you

              Regards to all

              Hello Mark

              Long time indeed, please put me on the list for Brands Hatch Event hell or high water I will be there if chosen !

              Regards Ben


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                Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                Well, this is an exciting opportunity. Sadly, just had a knee op but I will keep my eyes open for further chances when I am fit again.


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                  Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch


                  Like others I cannot make that particular day, but would be interested in attending other events.

                  As I now have an EM-1x my interest getting old 43 lens to work with C-AF and trying the newer M43 lenses on moving subjects.



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                    Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                    Thank you for the opportunity Mark. As much as I would like to fondle an E-M1X I must respect your request that this event is for those who are seriously thinking about one and I am not. I prefer the size and feel of the E-M5 and will continue to use it to good effect until a newer version of this come out.
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                      Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                      Quick update - another chance at Brands

                      For those that can't make the 27th - we have a "soft launch" of a series of events at British Touring Car weekends on APRIL 6th

                      Limited places but let me know if you are interested
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                          Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                          Hi. Thanks for letting us know. I think my knee reconstruction [ACL replacement] will mean I can't really join in on such things for a while. Maybe the summer. I will keep an eye out for your offerings. Will the M1X be available for Test and Wow? Ciao for now.


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                            Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                            Many thanks to Mark for the opportunity for a day out at Brands Hatch on Saturday.

                            I took over 1500 photos with an E-M1X so it will take me a while to work my way though them all. I will post a link to the full story of the day with lots of photos later but there are a couple of examples:

                            It was a great out day out. The AI assistance on the auto focusing with the E-M1X is amazing, of the 1500 + photos I took I have only deleted 80 as rejects.

                            More to follow.


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                              Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                              Thanks David

                              Dear all - Next time, i will take a bigger coat or not trust the 2% chance of rain forecast.

                              Now we know what to expect, we can allow a few more places - no promises - but I will see what I can do.

                              One major proviso is kit - we can not always guarantee to have an E-M1X for everyone but if anyone fancies going to any of the Saturday practice days around the country - send me a direct message and/or keep an eye on

                              As usual. Make sure you are signed up the event mails on the top right of that page. It is not linked to the "MyOlympus Product Registration" database.

                              I hope this all makes sense. Meanwhile, keep the suggestions coming for workshops and events - I am especially interested in local knowledge on Wildlife opportunities

                              Best wishes , Mark
                              National Marketing Manager, Consumer Products, Olympus UK
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                                Re: Hands E-M1X on at Brands Hatch

                                A few images from a Great day with Olympus and Power Maxed Racing and thanks again Mark.

                                All the best
                                Pete W (LRPS, QGP)

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