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40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

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  • 40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

    Having just received my OMD EM1 back from Portugal following a full service and repair, I have been updating the firmware for my 3 Pro lenses. The 7-14mm and 12-40mm lenses updated without a problem. Initially, the 40-150mm lens showed up on the Updater screen, but it failed to update. It is now not functioning and, when I go into the Firmware Menu on the camera with this lens attached, it isn't even showing up as being installed on the body. Any ideas please?

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    Re: 40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

    Sorry to say that sounds like the lens was not fully connected to the body.

    Did you try using the lens before trying to do the update or just attach it and start the update process?

    I assume you have tried all the obvious tests and checks? If you have another body, try it on that.

    There may be some more firmware days that you could take it to..

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      Re: 40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

      Hi Graham. Just spotted your reply - many thanks. For some reason I'm not getting email notifications of replies to my posts. I have ticked this in preferences.

      The lens was working prior to the attempted update so it's very strange. I am 2 minutes from Park Cameras so will pop in next week. Thanks for the list of demo days.



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        Re: 40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

        Best of luck with your lens let us know how you get on.

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          Re: 40-150mm Pro lens updating problem

          The lens was sent to Portugal on Monday and is already on its way back to me. I'm still to find out what the problem was.