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Amazed and confused

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  • Amazed and confused

    I am still learning the envelope of the EM-1 and 12-40
    It continues to gob-smack me and then frustrate me
    The Scalloway Fire Festival

    This image is hand held at 0.5 sec exposure. Yes there were a couple of attempts to lock focus without the focus assist and a few where the Jarl did not stay still; but I nailed it...the IBIS is amazing.

    A little earlier and a lot more light and a shorter exposure and focus did not lock hard on to any of the faces. This is where I am confused.

    Now, it could well be my technique so I am open to suggestions.
    The big parade is at the end of the month

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    Re: Amazed and confused

    I would suggest it's locked focus fine in the second image _on the middle person - but the face has motion blur

    As a slight aside such helmeted heavily bearded faces aren't going to be the easiest subjects for FD but I presume you got the VF confirmation when shooting

    it may be a 'shorter' shutter speed but it's still a very long one for a moving head
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      Re: Amazed and confused

      A couple of fine pictures. I agree - the second one is in focus. Look at the chain-mail.

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        Re: Amazed and confused

        I think that second shot is very good.

        If it were my image, I'd process it heavily to make it look like a "Film Noir" still from a movie.

        We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...


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          Re: Amazed and confused

          If I understand right Chris you are saying that when the light was better it struggled to focus but when it got darker it focused without much problem?

          If so, I suspect it was down to contrast difference, there is a lot of contrast in these shots which would make it very easy for the AF to function properly whereas with the lighter sky the contrast would have been less

          Great images and that looks like a fun event


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            Re: Amazed and confused

            No Brian
            It focussed quickly with the better light but I thought the focus was off
            Others have explained that the focus is good but the exposure was too Long


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              Re: Amazed and confused

              Sorry to have misunderstood but glad you have it sorted


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                Re: Amazed and confused

                Your 2nd shot really gives a feeling of life and movement, just right for the subject.
                The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.