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Camera Set-up

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    Re: Camera Set-up

    Originally posted by Ross the fiddler View Post
    Noise filter is what is applied to your jpegs but the noise reduction (as in Olympus naming) is the dark frame subtraction & that cannot be activated in sequential shooting.
    Thanks for clarifying this, Ross. The distinction makes perfect sense but until now I had been unaware of it.


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      Re: Camera Set-up

      Thanks Ross, I don't tend to fiddle with the defaults here so really haven't clue, just looked at what I thought was the relevant setting in the menu and reported what I had (wrong again )

      Out of interest I checked again and I was right with the settings (noise filter standard, noise reduction auto) but wrong in my reading of the manual, so at least I can read my menu settings right


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        Re: Camera Set-up

        Just subscribing to this useful thread for later reference.


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          Re: Camera Set-up

          Originally posted by Olybirder View Post
          Thanks Brian. I have just had a look at the Biofos setup article and it seems that it doesn't make any difference with raw images. Thinking about it, a lot of my images recently have been taken in poor light with Auto ISO selecting 3200. I suppose they will look rather noisy.

          Just to take this a little further for those using Olympus Viewer 3 and raw....

          In Lightroom the Noise Filter setting will not have any impact on the on screen view of the file - what will affect it is your default ACR settings for noise management.
          In OV3 the on screen view of the file will default to the camera jpeg settings ie 'as shot', so it will have an impact on what you see, but is of course reversable because it's a processing step not a capture setting.
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            Re: Camera Set-up

            Apologies for resserecting a slightly older thread but seems logical place to put this information.

            A high volume of my pictures are of rowers and trial motorbikes using 43 lenses and FL50 flash. This means C-AF for both and for bikes fill-in flash. IN both cases I shoot raw simply as this gives me chance to recover highlights as needed.

            After a frustrating day at a bike event I decided to do a full factory reset and then add just the changes I needed. This lead to a few interesting discoveries.

            On the biofos site I found a really useful spreadsheet from Greg Bloor this has been great help in documenting what I change.

            Firstly the important changes;

            Gear D, Flicker Reduction OFF this stops the aperture "rattle snaking" when moving from dark to light.

            Gear A,Face Priority = OFF, this has not worked on either subject and feel it is better off.

            Gear A, AEL/AFL, MF =Mode 3, this is as I use the AEL/AFL button to focus in manual mode.

            Gear C, Rls Priority C = OFF, this is because I take single pictures and need them to be in focus. This is especially true for bikes when using fill-in flash

            Gear C, Seq+IS Off = OFF
            Gear D, Frame Rate = High
            Note; I used to assign Focus Peaking to a function button but this greyed Gear D, Frame Rate.

            Spanner Rec View=off , this is important if panning or using seq shooting

            Optional Changes, these are changes I change a bit;
            Gear C, Release Lag-Time mainly short but set back to normal if need better battery life

            Gear A, C-AF Lock = mainly off but also normal

            Gear D, Live View Boost = on, as I am using flash so often viewfinder is a bit dark if this is not set.

            Gear E, Noise Reduction = Off, while irrelevant for shutter speeds I use I would rather have it off.
            Gear E, Noise Filter= low, while irrelevant of Raw I tend to set it

            Gear - K, Touch Screen Settings = Off, simply to avoid mistakes if screen touched while carrying.

            Hope this is of some use.



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              Re: Camera Set-up

              Thanks Gary, an interesting summary. I think it's time to review all the changes I've made while experimenting and come up with a similar consolidated list.