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MySet custom settings best set to a mode dial setting?

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  • MySet custom settings best set to a mode dial setting?

    I had a good chance to use my E-M1 for some photography at the weekend and got caught out with the MySet custom settings I had set up being reset when the camera goes to sleep or powers off.

    I was working on A mode with a button (preview button) assigned to MySet1, that being my favoured A-mode custom settings. So power up, press that button and MySet1 was up and running with all the settings I wanted. But somehow I managed to change the A-mode setting off of the "RAW + Large Super-fine JPEG" I wanted (and had set in MySet1) to just a basic low-res JPEG (I did a basic reset somehow). I didn't notice this, so having set MySet1 off of my button, I took some photos, all fine, then the camera sleeps. When the camera wakes up, it forgets the MySet1 settings and resets to the current mode dial settings I had on A-mode (with the un-noticed low res JPEG setting). So then take a load of photos thinking I have MySet1 custom settings dialled in with RAW+SFL JPEG and later find that is not the case.

    So what I found it, it is better to have the MySet custom settings on a Mode dial setting as they stick across power sleep / power-down. Having them on a function button is going to lose them when the camera powers down to whatever the mode dial wants to restore.

    I am probably talking gibberish to anyone who hasn't explored the settings customisations on this camera!


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    Re: MySet custom settings best set to a mode dial setting?

    I gave it a try on mine, not sure if I'm replicating your scenario pricisely though.

    Myset 1....BRK...Shoulder Fn1 button.
    Mode P
    Large Super Fine.

    Goes to sleep.

    Turn back on.

    Everything is the same except I have to reselect to BRK on the Fn1 big deal.

    Large Super Fine is still LSF.


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      Re: MySet custom settings best set to a mode dial setting?

      I have had myset1 on one of the front buttons and on the video REC button where it is now. I think if there's one thing that regularly goes wrong with this camera is that it's very easy to change some setting accidentally and if you don't know what you changed, the best course of action is to reset to a known preset. I think if I didn't have the myset1 preset, there would be a lot more frustration and a lot more missed opportunities.

      One thing I keep doing is to flip the 1/2 switch to 2 to change sensitivity and/or white balance and then forget to put it back. I'm considering changing how that switch works because it's not fun shooting in at ISO 25600 when you thought you were on auto or low... White balance isn't a huge deal because I've been using raw+JPEG and I can fix the white balance in raw processing.

      The camera is definitely an order of magnitude more challenging than my old E-520, but the photos are also that much better.


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        Re: MySet custom settings best set to a mode dial setting?

        Thanks for this Bill - I shall try it
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