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FL-50 working with the OM-d E-M1 Mk ii

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  • FL-50 working with the OM-d E-M1 Mk ii

    So far my casual usage of the FL-50 flashgun and the OMD EM1 mkii has proved acceptible, I have read on here that you should use the mechanical shutter. Wisdom dictates one needs to use a shutter speed of less than 1/150th sec.

    Are there any restrictions on using the instructions for the latest "big" Oly flashguns with a Fl-50 with the OMD EM1 mkii. The documentation has dropped off any reference to the older flashguns.

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    Re: FL-50 working with the OM-d E-M1 Mk ii

    I have used the FL-50Rs up to 1/250s quite regularly. Sometimes I have even gone over this, without using FP mode.


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