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  • Camera for a child

    My son will be turning 4 next month and has asked for a camera "to be like daddy" A good idea as it would (hopefully) prevent us from fighting over my 510. Having looked at the over priced junk which masquerades for toy cameras (which either come in blue or pink) I thought I would look at a second hand compact off a popular auction site.

    Looking at it I think something with a reasonable zoom range and pretty good macro as he likes his insects. I am thinking of a travel zoom like one of the the Panasonic TZs or an Oly SZ-10 or somthing similar. I have wo questions:

    Does anyone have a similar experience and have any advice about children and cameras (apart from perhaps don't give them anything too valuable)?

    Secondly does anyone have any experience with travel zooms? I had a TZ-1 when it first came out which was good at the time but I expect things have moved on a lot over the years.

    This will be his camera and not my second one (honest) so don't need anything that is comparable to my main camera.



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    Re: Camera for a child

    Don't think you can possibly go wrong with one of the Oly Tough range. Just the right size for small hands and very, very hard to break easily. Straight forward menus and good battery life. Hope this helps.
    The picture tells the story, great when you have a bad memory.DW.


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      Re: Camera for a child

      Hi there Willom!

      Both my kids borrow my olympus uTough cameras, which whilst not having a massive sensor or huge zoom, are great for children as they are drop proof, water proof (not if dropped in a river and lost forever, but can survive the odd puddle and rock pool. I bought allof mine second hand from that auction site. The kids have used them from the age of 3 onwards, my eldest is now 8 and wants something "more like mine but smaller" so may be getting a bridge camera for his birthday.




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        Re: Camera for a child

        Guys, thank you for your responses and apologies for taking so long to reply. I hadn't considered tough cameras so have had a look and followed a few. Unfortunately they are fetching a bit of a premium at auction (not surprising considering their abilities) so they are out of my reach. I plumped for a TZ-3 which he opened with great pleasure. Took it with him to the Natural History Museum today and got a taste of what it is like for my partner when I have my camera. Lots of hanging around as he zoomed in on dinosaur bones.

        Thanks again for your advice.



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          Re: Camera for a child

          The TZ range are great cameras. I had a TZ5 many moons ago and now still use a TZ25 which is superb for what it is.

          As basic or as complex as you want to make it.

          Superb picture quality

          Fab Leica lens

          Love it.