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Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

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  • Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

    Just seen a post about a drop in filter system for m4/3 rds cameras - don't know if anyone is interested but thought I would share
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    Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

    Could be useful for 7-14 users I guess, if it works well.


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      Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

      Seen this earlier but wondered how the space for the filter would still allow focus would it have pass through electronic connection or act like a tube and only allow manual?

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        Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

        A very interesting idea. Almost seems too good to be true.

        Solves a number of issues with filter use but like Ed I wonder about electrical connections and normal lens functionality. If those are solved then it would certainly appeal to me.

        A question for those with better technical knowledge than me. Does the increased distance between the rear lens element and the sensor create problems?

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          Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

          My reading of it is that it's only of use with legacy lenses, as a) it has no pass-through electronics capabilities and b) as Hec wonders, it changes the flange depth.

          So, it's a legacy adaptor with a slot for filters. Wonder how it copes with ND grads?

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            Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

            I think it is an adapter and at the bottom of the page it has a list of 4:
            1. Canon EF mounting lens to Sony camera E mount

            2. Nikon camera F mounting lens to Sony E mount

            3. Canon camera E mounting lens to M43 mount

            4. Nikon camera F mounting lens to M43 mount

            Not even a mention of 4/3 to m4/3 or OM to m4/3

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              Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

              This would appear to be a straightforward legacy lens adapter for manual focus lenses with a greater registration distance than MFT but with a slot for drop in filters.

              My only concern is over where the best place in system of lenses is the best place to put a flat pane of glass without affecting optical quality when the system was not so designed, i.e. which end? I have an OM mount 500 mirror which takes an internal filter and it is designed to always have that filter, even if it a clear one.

              Having said that I do tend to put a filter on the front of every lens but I do know it will impact quality slightly (I think my pictures can stand it).

              Obviously it has an advantage if you are using one of the premium legacy lenses with a front element too big for a filter.
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                Re: Drop in filter system for m4/3 rds

                I suggested something along this line a year or so ago on here. Having a few lenses with no filter thread or that can't take filters. If Olympus won't give us a base ISO of 12 you need rear mounting filters.
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