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The "Ever Ready" camera case

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  • The "Ever Ready" camera case

    Whatever happened to the "Ever Ready" case?

    I was somewhere today where I wanted to take the camera (and did in fact take some pictures) but was doing something else as well. I would have preferred the camera to be protected but didn't want to lug a large bag around, or draw too much attention to the fact that I had a camera. An ER case would have been ideal.

    Maybe it has to do with the proliferation of P&S cameras which open and shut on the one hand and the variety of lenses of different sizes that we carry around on the other.


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    Re: The "Ever Ready" camera case

    You can get them for the Pen cameras!

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      Re: The "Ever Ready" camera case

      Or the "Never" ready case as I seem most people seem to call them!


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        Re: The "Ever Ready" camera case

        Originally posted by pepper View Post
        Or the "Never" ready case as I seem most people seem to call them!
        Yeah, Olympus made some leather never ready cases for the E-410 although I don't know if they were available outside Japan.

        They supply a semi hard case for the E-3/E-30 cameras and a different one for the E-500/E-510/E-520 cameras in North America.

        I probably haven't used one in in the past 20 years.
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