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Hot shoe mount damaged

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  • Hot shoe mount damaged

    I wonder if anyone has had experience of a hotshot mount which has been squashed down a little on one side so that it's now too thin to attach a flash, or even the little plastic protector. I so rarely use a flash that it could have happened a while ago, although I don't remember knocking it.

    Would it prise back up again with a flat blad screwdriver or similar, or do I risk further damage. Are the metal 'runners' available to buy, or indeed replaceable without sending the whole camera off?
    Any advice gratefully received. It's not an urgent repair as I don't often need it, but it's frustrating.

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      Re: Hot shoe mount damaged

      Rather than risk further damage; Luton cameras?


      Could you sand down a plastic cover to let it slide into the groove?


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        Re: Hot shoe mount damaged

        I've never managed this mode of damage, but you may have just given me a reason to put the hotshoe covers back on some of my cameras - they mostly have lived in a drawer since I bought my 1st camera

        The runners are not just metal to hold the flashgun in place, they do touch the contacts on the side of the flashgun base.

        Having said that, as MJ422 has said I don't think you have a lot to lose trying some very gently persuasion with a flat implement if you only need to move them a little. if its a lot I would think about sending it off when convenient

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          Re: Hot shoe mount damaged

          Providing its only the top of the runner that has been bent down (and this is the likely scenario) then I would have no hesitation in using a screwdriver to lift it up using a small block of wood as the fulcrum to spread the load on the base of the hotshoe (and not on the runner on the other side).
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