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Tripod - should I get one?

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    Re: Tripod - should I get one?

    Originally posted by Steve Lane View Post
    I think there comes a point in every photographer's persuit of their craft, when a tripod is considered. For many years, I used cheap ones that were never really that stable, which kind of undermines the reason for a tripod's existence! It is only in the last ten years that I have invested in a decent full size model with one of those Slik pistol grip heads, and a very robust table top model. I also have a monopod that I find useful from time to time.

    I may go months before needing to use any of them, but there are always times when I need to call on one or the other, or projects where their use is unavoidable.

    Buy the best you can afford and carry. Avoid models that have too much plastic in areas that take stress. Buying a good one will mean you will have it for many years and not have to revisit it due to some crummy part failing.

    Regards, Steve.
    Excellent advice there Steve.

    I use my tripod primarily for birding with a scope. I also digiscope with it regularly where stability really is important. For SLR use I tend to hand-hold for long lens work (both Olympus and Canon) as both my long lenses have IS.

    My main SLR use for a tripod is for close-up and macro work with IS switched off (mainly dragonflies & butterflies). Using a tripod really does make a difference if sharpness matters at all to you.

    Buying a cheap tripod is the biggest waste of money, and will ultimately cost you more, as once you realise the true value of a good one and upgrade, you will have paid twice.

    I have a light weight Feisol, and a Manfrotto 055 with two centre columns so I can switch between fluid and ball heads. I'm hankering after something even more solid such as a heavy weight Feisol or Gitzo with a decent ball head such as an Arca Swiss, Really Right Stuff or Markins. Any money I've ever spent on decent kit has never been wasted. In fact the only buyer's remorse I have is not to get the best from the outset.



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      Re: Tripod - should I get one?

      A lot to consider.

      Thanks to everyone.