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IR Filters - cheap imports from China - very good too!

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    Re: IR Filters - cheap imports from China - very good too!

    Hi David

    Thanks for your comments, I got it lucky with the weather that day to be honest, it was the same day that I managed to get the shot that I entered in the Photo of the Year challenge. A storm had just passed over, and it left things looking lovely.

    I usually play around with the exposure when the 11-22mm has the IR filter screwed in... and as far as I remember, I tend to use exposures between 10s and 30s, with apertures from f4 to around f11. I'd say it comes very close to being a 10 stopper to be honest. That's going to be my next purchase, the ND110 72mm filter... just gotta get one as summer approaches...

    I tried the welding glass, but I must have a bad one as there are lots of scratches and glitches in the images taken.