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OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

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  • OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

    Having bought two of these cameras and have the eyepieces either drop off somewhere or break I have been looking for 'cheap' replacements online.

    Finally found some on AliExpress, described as -
    'EP-10 EP10 Eyepiece Viewfinder Eyecup Eye Cup Rubber For Olympus OM-D E-M5 E-M10 EM5 EM10 Camera'. Price is US $19.47 / lot of 10 with free postage to UK.

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    Re: OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

    David, after several lost ones, I now wrap the bottom rail of the eyepiece with a few cm of narrow black insulating tape, such that the remaining tail has the sticky side facing the back of the camera.
    Fold it carefully round the back and terminate behind the screen; Since I started doing that, I've never lost one, and it's barely noticeable.
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      Re: OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

      I didn't have one left to try and stick down !



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        Re: OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

        Yoo David - It is definitely a Design Fault. I lost two for the same reason. Lucky to find one back in the long grass in Cuba - where you definitely need an eye cup.
        Now out of habit I flick the thing back every time I take the camera out of the bag. Sometimes it needs a flip - sometimes not.


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          Re: OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

          It's odd because I've never had this problem with mine. Just once I noticed it had started to lift but was nowhere near falling out. I need to wear my glasses to see the EVF clearly, might that have a bearing on it?


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            Re: OMD-EM5 mk1 eyepiece.

            I put a small elastic band around mine, to hold it on the camera. It's held it for several years now
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