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circular polarizer

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  • HELP! circular polarizer


    I'm looking for any recommendations on brands or models of a circular polarizer for my EM1 any help would be appreciated. I will be taking a lot of bright ocean and lake shots over the next few months.


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    Re: circular polarizer

    I 've used 2 C-PL filters. Marumi DHG and HOYA Pro1 Digital.

    I was more satisfied with the Marumi as it was better against bright light.

    Both filters however did not mess with the resolution of the lens.
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      Re: circular polarizer

      I use the B+W Kaesmann XS pro MRC on the 12-40. Can't fault it. There are rumours it touches the 12-40 front element (the XS version has a shallower thread than the other Kaesmann MRC) but mine is fine and passes the 'piece of card test'. I figured i'd get the best for this lens. I also have an older 55mm version of the same that i can use on other lenses, some with step rings etc.


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        Re: circular polarizer

        Hoya Pro-1 and B&w are both reputable filter makers. I was interested what Zuiko-holic had to say about Marumi.

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          Re: circular polarizer

          I have a number of different makes (Hoya, Kood, DHG) but I really like the DHG Marumi polariser. It was a total bargain on eBay and not having heard of it, I Googled it and found a test comparison where it came out top beating the likes of B&W and the Hoya Pro filter which was reassuring.

          Now I would like to find if in other sizes to fit all my lenses....unless someone here would like to sell me their Lee Severn5 polariser That is the one filter on my wish list!


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            Re: circular polarizer

            Thanks everyone for getting back, I really appreciate it. I was thinking of the Marumi DHG, but will go through all of your recommendations.
            Thanks again,