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Spyder3 Elite - Possible Colour cast?

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  • Spyder3 Elite - Possible Colour cast?

    Hi All,

    I took the plunge and bought a Spyder 3 elite.

    I've setup it up and calibrated the monitor and everything but it seems like there is a slight magenta colour cast, its really odd. I'm wondering if I get it setup right.

    Has anyone else got a Spyder and had similar? I could be that I'm so used to seeing an uncalibrated monitor that its gonna take my eyes some time to get used to this.

    I'm trying to think of things I could post to so an example but I'm unsure what I can do as everyone monitor will be different


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    Re: Spyder3 Elite - Possible Colour cast?

    Think i've managed to get there. Everything looks nice now.

    This is the profile as close as I could get on my cheap dell monitor.

    Luminance @ 120, Gamma 2.2, White balance just shy of 6500k


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      Re: Spyder3 Elite - Possible Colour cast?

      i have spyder3 here. I have noticed a magenta/red tinge to my widnows desktop when using a black desktop. Otherwise the colours look ok.

      I will re-check it in the morning. Typing from laptop whilst lying in bed