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Camera Bag for E3 & 50-200

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  • Camera Bag for E3 & 50-200

    I'm looking for a camera bag for the E3 & 50-200, I'm looking at the Lowepro Toploader Zoom 55 AW. The internal dimensions are 16.0 X 11.0 X 26.0 cm . The opening size is a little small on the 11cm side whilst a little big on the 16cm side. I was rather hopeing the bag would just distort slightly and the camera would fit. I did not want to move up to the next size bag if I could get a way with it.
    If anyone is using the E3 & 50-200 and there must be a lot of you, could you tell me what you use.


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    Re: Camera Bag for E3 & 50-200

    Used my e-3 with 50-200 at the Leuchars air show using a Lowepro Toploader 75AW. It takes both with ease and allows for quick easy access. Used with a harness, it sits on the chest and takes the strain off the back especially if hiking from one location to another. Was a real boon when at the Mach Loop in Wales climbing up 45 degree slopes at Cad West / The Bwlch with a backpack - helped the balance.
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      Re: Camera Bag for E3 & 50-200


      I've got a few bags tarmac,kata, but prefer the Lowepro top loading 75 aw pro it takes the E3 plus HLD grip with the 50-200 attached plus spare batteries, cards etc. In my opinion it's the best bag in the market place for this camera and lens combination.


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        Re: Camera Bag for E3 & 50-200

        I am well pleased with my Lowepro - its a Rezo 160 so nothing at all to do with this thread.

        However one dead smart trick is to get a Lowepro lens case as well. I use one to tack on the side of the Rezo (using their "sliplock" a tab and velco arrangement) and you can do this trick with the Toploader. Thus you get the ability to carry an extra lens when you want, or have the smaller case when you want.

        The cute thing about the lens case is the same tab and velcro thing will attach to your belt, so I often go out with no bag at all, just the camera and the lens case on my belt.

        Its one of these dotty manufacturer's ideas that actually works :-)

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