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    Re: Storage solutions

    Thanks David, I have the same issue with space and this looks a good bet.


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      Re: Storage solutions

      Morning All

      I've had the 250gig version of this for about a year,no trouble with it at all.I am paranoid about loseing any images and therefor store all my Raw files on my hard drive ,on the external drive and also on DVD's.
      All the best

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        Re: Storage solutions

        Hey David

        Just this last weekend I decided I needed to upgrade the internal HDD in my Macbook from the paltry 80Gb supplied, to a 250Gb WD HDD. Once I had learned about what I needed to do to clone my internal HDD, the process was swift, and totally pain free.

        I do have three external HDD's in addition to this; a 500Gb WD, a 250Gb something or other, and a 160Gb Maxtor portable unit too. I share the 500GB and 250Gb units on my Mac network at home, and take the portable one with me when I am away from home for lengths of time.

        Now that I have the 250Gb WD internal HDD I possibly won't need to take the Maxtor with me when I am away from home.


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          Re: Storage solutions

          Got a 500gb Iomega firewire (looks like a mac mini).
          Use SuperDuper to back up the 400gb HD of my iMac G5.
          Also have a 120gb external drive which I use as an additional backup of my Aperture vault. This drive is kept off site.


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              Re: Storage solutions

              I have thecus N2100 and the Synology DS207.

              The Thecus is faster, but the new beta code ( for the DS207 is very good. Synology adds lots of features to there products and are very usable.


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                Re: Storage solutions

                I've had a couple of these for some time from CCL:


                500Gig for £61.10 inc V.A.T..

                They're very compact and quiet.



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                  Re: Storage solutions

                  Originally posted by Haisbro View Post
                  With file size getting bigger and hard drive on the Mac swollen i had a look at external drives for my images. I ended up choosing a 500gb My Book from Western Digital from for around £70. Sitting next to my imac it looks cool and little noise, worth considering, just plug and play.

                  Yep thats the one I have and love it, as its permanently connected and starts up and shuts down with the computer I use it for my main storage of all my files and for editing from as it saves clogging up the C Drive with them. Of course I still back up from that to another offline ED.
                  Regards Paul.
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