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Old 3rd December 2014
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What new camera to buy ?

Well folks it's Christmas and usually I don't tend to bother with a present to myself, I only have to buy for my 2 boys now and they are 8yo and 14yo.
I give them a small amount of cash to get me something to open or they get miffed if I don't have a little something.
However this year I might have a bit extra cash to spend and have been toying with what to get myself, a new air rifle was high on the list but I might get a new camera instead, thing is what do I get, ?
E5 s/h which I all ready have all my 4/3rds gear with my E-620
or do I go for one of the new breed like the Olympus OM-D E-M1 ?
I know I would have to get an MMF3 ADAPTER to use my current lenses but other than that how does the new kid on the block stack up to the well proven E-5 ? using and adapter all the time what would I loose, AF speed ? any other features ? or even using my current lenses and adapter would I be actually taking a big step up the IQ ladder ?
any help would be appreciated and any other ideas camera related like the OMD M5 OR M10 ?
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Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

I had an E5 and got an OMD-EM 1, then sold all my MF stuff to get mFT lenses. Haven't looked back. EM1 is far superior in my book for what I want. Light, good noise control, good Af Etc.
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Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

I would take a serious look at the E-M10. Keeps the old Olympus tradition of small but good, and not suffering from bloat.

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Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

Nothing wrong with the E-M10, good camera. However there are some deals around on the E-M5 as its being discontinued but you would miss out on the WiFi capabilites and get weather proofing instead The MMF3 adapter is just a physical spacer device as your FT lenses are meant to be mounted further away from the sensor. It allows full electrical contact for the lenses and does not alter the lens features at all (same F stop, focal length, same everything).

You will loose focus speed on E-M10 and E-M5 with your FT lenses (compared to an E-5) as these lenses are designed to work best with phase detect auto focussing and not contrast detect (the lens design for the latter works best with a small number of lightweight focussing elements). For this reason anyone wanting to retain their old FT lenses should consider the E-M1 which use on sensor phase detect for FT lenses and contrast detection for MFT lenses. The E-M1 is also a bit chunkier and heavier than the E-M10/E-M5 and most people appreciate the better balance it has when using the heavier FT lenses (I notice you have the nice 50-200 SWD). However it does come with a heftier price to match. All 3 will have better IQ and significantly better low light performance than an E-5. The E-5 will be bigger than than your E-620 which to my mind was a nice size.
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Melaka (4th December 2014)
Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

Interesting but nice dilemma. For me I'd say it all depends on what you take shots of and if you don't mind the weight of a 4/3s system. If you want to reduce weight then go micro and also gain the much better low light performance. If you make that choice then the decision is, do you want to retain the best performance from your old lenses, if so go with an EM1 as OM suggested (that's what I'd do by the way). If you want to go the whole hog and switch to micro 4/3 then consider the EM10 & 5 and get pretty similar performance at further reduced weight. The key really is to think where you want to get to with your system and then go and try the respective cameras for feel. I like the EM1 personally, the EM10 felt a bit small to me and I've got small hands. The EM5 actually felt pretty nice in my small hands when I tried that out with that nice little thumb rest. If you choose to keep your 4/3s lenses though I'd definitely still keep the E620 as well because you will notice the differences in working with those lenses even with the EM1.
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Taz (5th December 2014)
Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

I would go for the E-M1 if you're thinking that way to use with the 50-200 lens as it would have AF issues on the E-M5 & 10 & as you expand your M4/3's lens line up (as most of us wish for anyhow) the E-M1 will perform very well with them too.
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Old 3rd December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

Hi there Taz!

I faced this dilemma a few months back and went for the E-M1, because I wanted to keep my 4/3 lenses, but also wanted the quick AF (and even quicker with m43 lenses). I still don't have many m43 lenses but the perfomance with my 4/3 stuff is great, and the image quality is far superior to my E-30, which shares a sensor with you E-620.

As for handling, the E-M1 is smaller than the E-30 but about the same size as my E-510, so it is not too small for the bigger lenses - the biggest I have tried is my Sigma 70-200 which is fine on it, but it also balances well with the 12-50mm m43 or the 40-150mm m43 which I have used with it quite a bit now too.

Unfortunately I won't have chance to pop up your way before Christmas to let you have a try of the E-M1, but you may find that one of your local dealers might have one you could look at?

One thing that I haven't noticed anyone else mention here is the EVF on the E-M1 compared to the viewfinder on the E-5. I find the EVF a game changer - the ability to have a live histogram in your viewfinder makes getting the exposure right so much easier when using a manual mode, and having a level in the viewfinder can be very helpful too! If you haven't used one before it might take some getting used to but once you do it is fabulous!


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Old 4th December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

Well thank you everyone for your thoughts, and some details i never thought of.
I will now take my time to try and handle said cameras and see which feels best
and may well wait till after Christmas rather than rush in.
thank you all again
E620, ZUIKO 50 - 200MM SWD, ZUIKO 70 - 300MM, SIGMA 55 - 200MM, SIGMA 600MM MIRROR, ZUIKO 14 - 42MM, ZUIKO 40 - 150MM, ZUIKO EC14 1.4X CONVERTER,
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Old 4th December 2014
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

Hi Taz,

A few weeks ago I went from the E-30 to E-M1 and never regretted it. The shop gave me a reasonable price for the E-30 and my 12-60SWD so I also went for the 12-40 MFT Pro lens. Extra push was the cash-back action from Oly which returned me also 200 euros because I bought the lens and the battery holder for free. I kept my 50-200 FT SWD lens.

I am very pleased with the results. Very sharp pictures, good ergonomics of the body, clever menu, very fast focus with the 12-40 and reasonably fast with the 50-200, very good high ISO (up to 6400) pictures. Also it is a bonus that it is smaller and lighter although with the 50-200 on, you will hardly notice. The EVF is very good indeed. Minor point: you need a few spare batteries to be able to shoot the whole day or even an afternoon. That is quite a difference with the E-30 where you could switch it on once your composition was Ok.

E-M1; Oly 40-150mm 1:2.8 PRO; Oly 12‑40mm 1:2.8 PRO and Sigma 105mm 1:2.8 (macro)
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Old 4th December 2014
Harold Gough Harold Gough is online now
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Re: What new camera to buy ?

I found that 4/3 AF was next to useless, especially telemacro, on my EP-2 but is now good with my EM-1.

With the m4/3 system I maximised the number of legacy manual focus lenses I can use, provided that adapters are available. (For macro I use these mounts:

Olympus OM, Canon FD breechlock and Leica R, with various others via M42).

I find the body ergonomically very good, far superior to the EP-2.

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