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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
There's mention of a 2nd referendum. I'm ok with that, but are two referenda sufficient? If the outcome is reversed it becomes a draw. Do we have a penalty shoot out, toss a coin or hold a third referendum?
Not if it's done properly, not the bad joke that was done in June 2016. It was effectively a constitutional change; no other country voting on a constitutional change does it on a straight FPTP vote, nor do they allow voters not to bother to vote. Only some 70% of the country voted- high for us in recent years - and that means that 36% voted leave. If everyone had been required to vote, we would know what the remaining nearly 30% wanted; as it is we have no idea. So, 36% will take us out? That's not democracy.

Compounding the felony was that both sides resorted to propaganda, not facts. We know people who wouldn't vote, because they said they had no idea what they were actually voting for, either way.

Let me put this to you: if we crash out of the EU or leave without a deal, we will lose most of what remains of the motor industry - they didn't come here to be on the outside again! - probably Airbus will pull out of N Wales (they have been talking about that for a while now). Is that what you want, or would be happy with? The motor industry employs around 700,000 people in the UK, most in suppliers. Is that a 'price worth paying'? (And, incidentally, don't tell me it won't happen; I worked in the industry for 37 years, and in high enough positions to know what I am talking about.)
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