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Old 11th September 2017
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Re: Akureyri 1

Originally Posted by alfbranch View Post
Keith I accept that light you get is what you get and that its not possible to hang around to better light es[ecially when travelling with other peope or when you have to catch a boat or plane etc.

That edit is better IMO the sea now looks like it was sparkling and there are more details in the sky
M'mm. I quite liked the Whale Tail in silhouette. I might play with it a bit more. But of course, it's into the sun; not ideal position. And I wasn't going to wade out into the fjord, even though the M5 is supposed to be waterproof! Seriously, if you did get out into the fjord, there's a lot of clutter behind the Whale Tail then.

The joys of photography!

BTW - I thought you might comment on the horizon not being dead horizontal....... It's the brennivin, you know!
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