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Re: Uk snap election

Originally Posted by Johnheatingman View Post
As someone who still uses the Oly E-620 and exclusively 4/3 system, Nokia 800 phone. still drives the van I had before I retired 5 yrs ago and own shoes which are probably older than some of the members on here, I totally agree with Nigel.

I am often amazed and amused when the TV shows the long queues of people, sleeping outside a store overnight and in some cases several nights. For what ? Waiting to be the first to purchase the latest IPhone or other such toy. The thrill must only last a matter of hours or minutes before several million other people purchase the same item. I suppose the same could possibly be said about pre-ordering the latest Oly camera before it's available in stores but I am not going to comment

In a strange way I can understand why people living in deprived areas or other less developed countries have no love for our way of life or alternatively aspire to live the same way and will even risk their lives for the chance to come here and sample it. Sadly, many find to their peril that the streets are not paved with gold as they were led to believe.

Nigel is right, we do need a change in direction, one that points towards the goals, ideals and aspirations that really matter in life but I fear the country will never achieve it.

End of Sermon

Amen. And peace be with you.

The problem is that our entire culture and economy has become almost totally dependent on this way of life.

Is it any wonder that some other cultures despise us for it when they consider themselves lucky if they have one good meal a day and a roof to sleep under.

Employment in our traditional manufacturing industries has been almost totally replaced by employment in retail, so could we change now even if we wanted to?

And is this what Jeremy Corbyn would like?

Naughty Nigel

Difficult is worth doing
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