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Re: EM1 Mk1 vs Mk2

Originally Posted by Ricoh View Post
The Mk1 has a 16MP sensor and the MK2 a 20MP, right(?), I'd want to know if there's an improved dynamic range. The photosites have to be smaller if there's 20/16 rammed into the same area. Smaller photosites generally mean less photon capacity between full and empty. I'm interested in the answer to this.
That assumes the same generation of technology, which these aren't.

My experience mirrors Pauls, the sensor is better and I also find slightly better colour retention in shadows on the mk2.

But, for me it isn't so much the headline features (20mp, better AF) that make the mk2 better, it's all the little things such as the e-shutter, better battery life, more control (focus limiter), deeper buffer, faster write speed etc that makes it a much nicer camera to use.
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