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Re: EM1 Mk1 vs Mk2

Well I thought it would open a whole can of worms and differing opinions..

Justifying the outlay is the thing...i've had the Mk1 since Feb 14 and i've been very pleased with it. I may not sell it but use it as a 2nd body if I need to be somewhere where I need a quick change of lens...if I value it out over the nearly 4 years i've had it, it works out at 325 pa...which is a lot less than some golf club membership so I take that as good value for money, the lenses are a different issue having now got 2 of the pro lenses I will not change those, the other 2 lenses I also would not part with, the little 45mm and 17mm are as good as you can get anywhere for the taking all the techie stuff that separates the dingles from the dangles it may be a step up for me when I take pictures at music venues, and the street pics....Paul if I can get close to your landscapes then I feel I may have cracked it..!! and many of the others that post on the forum (pics taken) and I want to get close to those if I can, but it takes practice and it is down the the photographer and not always the camera and whilst i'm not a big fan of post processing (a pic taken is a snippet of time and history) but understand that it is now part and parcel of digital photography, so is it worth it? Probably so I may just bite the bullet and get it, your only here on this journey once and hey that's the beauty of this forum people are so helpful and friendly and that's just as important...

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