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Review of the Meike MK 300 for Olympus

I have long used the MK 300 Nikon verson for my business and have taken many tens of thousands of photos with the two I have . Never had a problem.

I purchased the Oly/Pan/Le version for my M10 at a price of £29.99 though prices up to £40 can be seen on ebay ( do not buy from HK or you may get stung with about 25% import duty.VAT)

The gun has three modes. LCD display. 2x AA batteries.

Manual ..well we dont want to use that do we.
iTTL ..This works great and unlike the built in flash will keep up with the shutter for at least 10 flashes in continuous mode. The output can be adjusted to the camera with the wheel on the top and I have found -0.7 stop to match the camera ( same on Nikon)
The gun will produce a burst of flashes at the frequency you require for say arty shots of a spinning dancer.

Will also support hi speed sync - 1/4000 but have just discovered that if your shutter speed goes above the sync range the flash does not fire so thats good if you left it on outside by mistake.....but bad if you wanted fill flash at 1/2000

I hate hammerhead guns because of the large shadows produced behind subjects,the head is too far from the centre of the lens, but the Mk 300 being squat minimises this. As with all on camera flash only use landscape and crop later to avoid the side shadow.

I have loaded images to my gallery or look here
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