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Re: Clarification of E-620 and HLD-5 power grip

Originally Posted by Ian View Post
I know this topic has revealed a lot of confusion (me included) so here is some clarification from Olympus UK:

The most likely thing happening is dealers splitting the HLD-5 that now comes with the E-620 to show the E-620 at a lower price. As always it is therefore a good idea to shop around to compare.

The way I see it is that dealers are now getting an HLD-5 bundled with the E-620, for no additional charge. Some elected to pass the freebie on as an incentive to E-620 purchasers, while others have spread the value around.

So, if Olympus is officially supplying dealers with grips why isn't this reflected on the Olympus website as a "freebie"? E-620 promotions

If the Olympus website doesn't show grips as freebies then you can understand some dealers wanting to sell them separately and raise extra cash. If Olympus promoted the grips as well as the extra battery on the website then the situation would be resolved and sale of the cameras would (should) increase.

Or am I not seeing the full picture?

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