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Re: High Res shot and studio flash - not working on EM1 Mk2


Idea I presented in previous message was excellent in writing, but in practice it did not work. Getting FL-50R's reliably working with softboxes in large room using oly RC-signalling proved to be challenge. I got roughly 1/2 of shots working and with Hires-mode you need to have 8 good shots in row. Sadly, fail.

I then bite the bullet and purchased 2x cheapo Godox SK300 II's with matching X-pro-o-controller. This works like a charm. Even with Hires-mode.


ps : I am just a bit slightly disappointed as I have been oly user since E-300 (and before that from C-400, E-100, E-10, E-20, E-3, E-5, E-400, E-500..) and owning almost every possible gear Oly has sold. This is first non-oly gear in decade. But it works and that is only thing in real life which has meaning.
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