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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Gate Keeper View Post
On the march, a tanned elderly lady with curled blonde hair spoke with the news commentator and said when "she voted to leave, she did not really know what she was voting for and had she known what is has now become, she would have voted to remain", hum mmm interesting insight.
Isn't hindsight is a wonderful thing. I can't begin to imagine that anyone could have forseen the total fiasco where politicians continue to behave like spoilt brats - most of them probably are - but it's still no excuse, given the severity of the situation, for their totally irresponsible actions.

Next time I go to vote, it will be for the MRLP. At least I'll know that I will get exactly what I voted for... Screaming Lord Such for PM.

On a Brexit plus... I now know whom not to act as a bartender when ordering a pint. Stroking the pump handle, no matter how hard or how long, won't make the beer flow. Old habits, apparently die hard where some people are concerned.
It's not what inspires us that is important, it's where the journey takes us.

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