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Re: High Res shot and studio flash - not working on EM1 Mk2

Originally Posted by tuootal View Post
Just checking, was this problem corrected in such way that you can use non-olympus flash transmitters in HR-mode? Obviously profoto and elinchrome should work, but I am interested in younguy and other cheap center-pin transmitters.

I am in planning to do some repro-photography of some museum stuff and plan to use EM-M1 mk II in HR-mode. I also have 3 FL-50R (and FS-SRF11 & FS-STF22, but range is too limited) but I am sceptical whether those will get optical rc-command from flash in camera as the FL-50R's are located inside softboxes. So I think that I should obtain some cheap rf flash transmitters. I have already ordered softboxes, but as time is of essence I might need to order flash transmitters before getting softboxes.

One of challenges is the large size of artwork which is being reproed, they are approx 2-3m wide so with 50mm F2 (old 4/3) I have to get quite far from art.

Any guidance is welcomed,

The issue with the central pin was resolved in the next firmware date, about three months later.

If you can get a hold of a 25mm lens, it would likely better suit your needs.
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