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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Rebecca View Post
I try not to get involved in political debates but I have to say the above post by Timp is the most sensible and intelligent comment I've seen so far on here.

Ohh dear Otto, you can't possibly be serious Democracy means people abide by the view of the majority after holding a democratic vote. It has nothing to do with changing of minds or we would be holding a new referendum every month.

Poor Jim, I think his needle's stuck yet again, same old comment. Repetition is so boring Jim.

I was initially surprised by the number of posts on this topic but it's becoming clear why now, same old comments repeated over and over with just a slightly different dressing.

I would have thought with such a high number of older, retired, Male Armchair Politicians on here the comments would have been far more original

Well said Rebecca. It isn't just the repetition which is boring, but the predictability of the comments from certain members.

Indeed, I suspect some here would enquire of a Paramedics politics before allowing them to use the Defibrillator!

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