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Re: August Photo Challenge: Drama

As promised, here is the review of the August Photo Challenge: Drama

Blu by u was kind enough to spend time to write up part of the review, and I (mj224) added to it...…….

Drama as the Sun Goes Down
Very dramatic clouds captures the eye. The rise of the Cloud column and the lights in the back of the clouds points to the lonely windmill. The hills are alive with the sound of music.

Blu bu u
Oh No
Looks though the crowd had a near escape. Fancied they were standing a bit close with their expensive camera gear. Photo captured the moment well. The foreground might have been softened up a bit, perhaps reduced.

Down the Plughole.
What a huge sink and it’s like when you pull the drain plug. The slow shutter worked as the lines are drawn to the drain plug. Just wondering how would this shot look in colour?

A for the drama. rescue people have drama all the time. Having a slightly slower shutter may improve that dramatic effect. And also that photographer’s bag, could have been cropped that out.

Hehehe. Reminds me of me in Hokkaido. Move a bit further up to the tracks, it would improve the drama. As if a truck rolled over you!!

Drama in the sky
Yes a dramatic sky for certain. The crop lines lead the eye to the sky very well. The bale (roll?) of hay does the same. Well seen……Looks like my daughter's favourite game: Harvest Moon.

Dramatic Dead Tree
Almost an abstract photo, well seen and photo’d. The exposure is spot on, allowing the tree detail to come through, and still maintaining the lovely sky tones. The tree fills the frame nicely, and leaves (haha) a bit of mystery where it’s going to next. If I was half dying from thirst and hunger in the desert, I would have hallucinated and thought there was a sinister looking face in that tree. Just smiling and watching as I died.

Drama at the funfair
Steve’s liking of film and grain work well here. The angle of the swinging arm is accentuated by the angle of St Pauls (Is it?) and gives that sense of movement and drama. The B/W adds to the drama. Has a very interesting vintage look of B/W film.

Melyncourt Falls.
Very dramatic water cascading down onto the two dark dramatic rocks. Looks like a scene that would fit in well with Princess Mononoke. Soft flowing white on harden rocks. I am really surprised that there are no movement on the leaves in the foreground.


Police drama
A well caught (!) scene at a protest march in London. A really good photo journalist shot, well worthy of publication. I see you were using a 25mm lens, so you got pretty close to the action. A brave street photo. Are you a reporter? Very well shot documenting the interaction between public and the law. And the choice of Black And White works well too.

A composite photo from Thorod. Cracking tones of the sky/clouds, and a very peaceful scene in the foreground. With that sky cloud, the peace would have not lasted long.

The pirate was not taking you photographing him lightly. Hope you survived. A nice action photo, and one wonders what the little lad did with that sword afterwards. Nice colours and composition. Captain Jack Sparrow is back! And he doesn't look happy that you photographed him!

Sparrowhawk and kill
A very well caught drama photo. Exposure just spot on. The hawk’s eyes tell you a story—Stay Away or you’ll be next! You were in the right place at the right time, a great wild life photo.

Graham of Rainham
A dramatically exposed photo. Taken with your XZ-1 at 1/10th second. Works very well with just that one light. Subdued colour/tone is so appropriate, Poor fella on the bed, needs a bit of TLC..:-) The Da Vinci Code revisited! It looks like the clues brought them to this crypt. I wonder what will happen next?

Phill D
After the storm
What a dramatic sky, and foreground. I am looking where to step right now. Great composition and colours, with the track leading the eye to the centre of the frame. Hope you did not get too wet, and a good job the camera is weatherproof. Harvest Moon Part 2, if they ever decide to introduce tractors to the game.

Ocean Whitetip

A worthy Winner. So close to a beast of the sea. The exposure and colouring certainly lets you know you are underwater. Composition lets you know that the Whitetip was menacingly calm. A brave photo I would say. "Fish are friends!" said a shark from Finding Nemo before he smelled blood.

A drunken brawl
A close-up macro of the wasps tottering on a apple, drinking their fill. Colours and detail really nice. Focus has included most of the little insects. Sigma lens does the job well. An insight into their dramatic little lives. Reminds me of the Bee Movie where bees have little families and lives of their own within the hive colony. In this photo, two bees can be seen on a romantic date at the Apple Restaurant.

Wheel to Wheel
An action photo well caught, exposure just right. Colouring and lighting really sets off these cars. Fuzzy background and road give the sense of dramatic action. A legal version of Need for Speed on a proper racetrack.

OM User
Jousting at Warwick Castle
Photo just catches the drama. One knight about to tumble, and his opponent losing his lance. The onlooking crowd are looking on with tension. I like the foreground rope barrier, holds the photo in as does the crowd on the far side. Well taken. It feels like they invented a time machine and brought these brave knights to the future.
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