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Re: Leica 12-60 f2.8 - f4..?

Perhaps I shouldn't have taken another look at this lens....

As would-be purchasers will know, the going price at mainstream UK suppliers is around 879, with Mathers of Lancashire as usual undercutting them and selling it for 799. But I went to look at the Panasonic website to confirm its details and was amazed to see they were selling in for only 699!! I rubbed my eyes and checked that it was indeed the Leica lens and not the Lumix lens… and promptly bought one!

It's arrived today and is indeed an unused Panasonic Leica 12-60mm for only 699
First impressions are that it feels slightly lighter and smaller on my PEN-F than my Olympus 12-40mm, and not too much bigger than my Lumix 12-60mm. (I'll be selling the Lumix on soon, and deciding on whether or not to keep my Olympus 12-40 as well.)

I can't help thinking someone has made a silly mistake on the Panasonic website as they are listing the Lumix 12-60mm at 899 - which is much too expensive for a lens most retailers are selling for 330! No doubt they will realise their mistake when someone asks why the Lumix lens isn't selling but in the meantime it could be well worth your while visiting the Panasonic website if you're looking to buy the Leica lens

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