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Old 16th May 2018
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Re: Please advise

Thank you very much Peter, I just read your letter out to my wife and we both said how helpful it is. There is a lot of information in what you wrote and it is something I will revisit. I looked at the sites you suggested and I have added a following to your Flickr page. I do not know Mike Pagens but I might get to know him. Thank you for the links.

Yesterday, I walked into the meadow and forgot to tuck in my socks around my ankles/jeans. I paid the price! A safari ant crawled up inside and took a bite. I had to take off my trousers rather hastily. A lesson learned. They are not very nice and one has to be careful how to remove them. They have pincers, are large and parts of themselves can be left inside your skin. I am careful about kneeling down. But all of your advice about the approach and set up is very interesting and helpful.

Thank you so much for taking the time and thinking on how best to advise me.
I had a look at the f/4 300 lens last night and will have a rethink about it. Do you have a favourite lens for butterflies?
All the best

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