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Re: Comparing the new 12-40 Pro with the 12-60 SWD on an E-M1

Originally Posted by DerekW View Post
I have been comparing some pictures I took in 2013 with the 12 - 60 on the EM5 and pictures taken recently on the OMD EM1 MK11 with 12-40 and the 12-100 lenses.

I was not specificly comparing but selecting images for slideshow type use from two trips. After a period of reviewing I thought that the 12-60 images were not as sharp as the later lenses. There are several other variables - the use or not of image stabilisation and the use of two different RAW convertor processors (Aperture vs Lightroom) and the two different camera bodies.
It could have been shutter shock, but more likely using the 4/3 lens on the E-M5. Without the PDAF sensors of the E-M1 (I or II), the AF is never going to be great. Even on the E-M1s, you may still need to calibrate the AF. I still use my 12-60 on my E-M1 sometimes, and if not in a hurry, use magnified peaking with MF. Sharp as anything I have.
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