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Special Session with Olympus tomorrow, FOI

Hello everyone,

members of the Olympus Photo Safari Group, have been invited to a special session with Olympus tomorrow, Tuesday 24th February... if you're not already a member of the Safari Group, and would like to join us for this very special event - please register here for details.

Click on the Blue location pin here.

If you can't make the event, we'll be producing a special report tomorrow evening - register here to get notice as soon as it's available to download.

I was down there yesterday to discuss the event with Olympus and to visit the stand - here are a few snapshots with the E-520 + 9-18, shot wide open at f4 and 9mm

Who needs small? buy a cannon for your canon!

I was curious about this stand... sensor cleaning? what's that for?

Couldn't get anywhere near the model... what a rugby scrum! ah well, with 9mm you can wave in the general direction and get a reasonably framed shot

...and if that doesn't work, think laterally and shoot between the scrum's legs

Do you do trade-ins?

...and yes, for me - small is beautiful. I had a really good feeling shooting with the E-520 + 9-18 all day... really lightweight, stabilised and more than happy with the quality of these shots, all taken at ISO 800 / 400.

Kind Regards

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