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Re: E-3


I purchased an E-3 body only to replace an E-1. I have been using the 11-22, 14-54, 50-200 and EC-1.4.

I was initially dissapointed that the E-3 isn't quite built to the same standard as the E-1. I also found it quite tricky to use due to the difference in operation. In that respect I wasn't overawed by the 'New Toy' factor.

That aside, now that I've become familiar with the operation of the E-3 I can say it's a massive improvement, the UI is very good once you become accustomed to it, most setting changes can be configured to work the way you want, the AF is very good in low light and locks very quickly although I haven't had a chance to try it for action photography yet, the IS works as long as you haven't swallowed all the hype about IS in general, in other words don't expect miracles like trying to handhold 200mm @1 second

Write times are massively improved, the bigger Preview screen is nice. Not so keen on Live View, a bit clunky in my opinion but it's there if you want or need it. Certainly good for Macro.

All in all worthwhile upgrade, even more so as I'm eligable for the free Grip and backpack. It should keep me happy for the next 4 years

Now what lens should I go for next
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