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Re: E5 and unsharp photos

Originally Posted by David Morison View Post
I certainly have had problems with focus on my E5 + 300mm. It is when trying to photograph small birds. Ocasionally it just won't focus on the bird even though the focus confirm lights and beeps. I could understand when it is a small bird in a thick hedge but when it is in the open it doesn't make sense. I can even see the lack of focus through the viewfinder. Centre weighted, spot or small spot all have shown this problem. I have never had any of these problems with my E30 AND 300mm or with the E5 and any other lens. Most of the time it works OK but it is with the bird I may only get one shot at that annoys. Most times it happens is with hand held or monopod, so IS1 is used, but maybe this is the problem.

Pleased I looked in before going out.

I am suffering in a similar way and will alter the IS to IS3 setting today to see if it improves.
The four shots I posted here in my thread Bbgrr were from a batch of over 150 taken - of those perhaps 40+ were as described.
An email suggesting a tweak to Olympus might solve the problem.

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Just like that - gone in a flash! Now in use.
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