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Old 30th January 2011
Kiwi Paul
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E5 and unsharp photos

I'm experiencing an issue it seems with my E5 where sometimes the photos aren't sharp, it's like they are very slightly misfocussed but when I look through the photo from the foreground to infinity nothing is sharp when this occurs, it's all unsharp by the same degree right through the photo, so possible camera shake except some of the affected photos have been shot wide angle at 1/250 sec so no chance of camera shake. It's mostly when shooting vertically it seems but not exclusively, I'm beginning to suspect the IS is not only not "ISing" when this occurs but actually causing the issue by blurring the photo rather than preventing it.
Has anyone else experienced this?
My next thing is to just turn IS off and see if the problem ceases. I never had this with the E3.

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