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Peronalised Windows Icons...

Just thought it might be of interest. Forgive if its not.....

Having re-arranged my Windows 10 Desktop, Windows in its wisdom changed the icons to one boring unhelpful image.

Thus I have tried to "Personalise" these icons. I have found a method, of doing this, there might just be many other ways of doing the same.

I am not expert I have to say................

My aim is to use a photo taken by me as an icon. Windows needs a .ico file to do this with.

I have found software that will convert a .png file to a .ico file. Its web based so you only need the link....

Thus I use Windows Paint programme to make the .png file. I resize that file to say 200kb. Then I use the programme below to make a .ico file.

I store this .ico file somewhere where is not going to be deleted.

The procedure to make up the "Personalised" icon is as follows;

1. Right-click and choose Properties (Old Icon)
2. Click on the "Security" tab
3. Click on "Edit"
4. Click "Users (xxxxxxx\Users)
5. Check Allow "Full Control"
6. Click on "Apply"
7. Click on "OK"
8. Click on "Customize" tab
9. Click on "Change Icon" and choose an icon
10. Click on "OK"
11. Click on "Apply," then "OK"

I hope that helps!

After doing several, I got fed up, and left most as they were. But it was interesting and makes your desktop pretty unique...

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