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Re: Focusing, for over 50 years I've been getting it wrong.

Originally Posted by RobEW View Post
I don't have E-M1 II but I have a couple of thoughts occur to me which might be relevant to someone if not to you............

As for why it may not be working well on E-M1 II, I can only guess based on E-M1 Classic. A couple of settings to check. (Cog - C) Rls Priority - setting this to Off will allow photos to be taken before AF has happened. (Cog A) AEL/AFL - gives you the ability to specify whether AF actually happens when the shutter button is half pressed. (If you select Mode 3, then AF won't happen unless you use a different button to invoke it). these options may be in different places on the Mark II.
Thanks Rob, but I think you have the highlighted sentence the wrong way around.
The 'Info' displayed by the camera says, verbatim....'If ON is selected the shutter can be released even when the camera is not in focus in S-AF'
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