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Re: Focusing, for over 50 years I've been getting it wrong.

I don't have E-M1 II but I have a couple of thoughts occur to me which might be relevant to someone if not to you.

Focus/Recompose was standard practice on film cameras so it can't be that bad. An article linked from the other site ( https://digital-photography-school.c...ompose-method/ ) makes a big drama about the difference in length of a hypotenuse compared to the adjacent of a right angled triangle. However a bit more geometrical knowledge than the author's will show that if your subject is at a distance and the angle of recomposing is small, the two lengths are near-identical.

The other thing (well known to those street photographers who rely on zone focusing) is that if you have adequate depth of field then any difference in these lengths will be even less important. (So wide angle lenses, distant subjects, small sensors and narrow apertures all help, but if using telephoto macro with f/1.4 then even slight inaccuracies in focusing are critical).

As for why it may not be working well on E-M1 II, I can only guess based on E-M1 Classic. A couple of settings to check. (Cog - C) Rls Priority - setting this to Off will allow photos to be taken before AF has happened. (Cog A) AEL/AFL - gives you the ability to specify whether AF actually happens when the shutter button is half pressed. (If you select Mode 3, then AF won't happen unless you use a different button to invoke it). these options may be in different places on the Mark II. As these are body settings, not lens, then it would affect any lens you attach. Oh - also I once had a problem with AF when the lens I had attached had a "clutch" which I had inadvertently moved and which made it MF. I think some lenses have a an extra button to do this too.

Sorry if most of that is stating the obvious. (At least in a mainly male forum, I might not get accused of "mansplaining"! :-) )

(Edited to add - I see Graham of R has posted some similar points while I was writing this)
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