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Re: Focusing, for over 50 years I've been getting it wrong.

I have used FRM from virtually the first time I had a range finder and SLR as the image overlay & split image were all we had.

But we were taught about the distance error (aka Pythagoras) at close range and large angles, but in the real world with mostly f/2.8 lenses and working distances of 6ft minimum, with f/5.6 to f/8 this was hardly ever an issue.

When things got seriously critical, in the studio, we reverted to the tape measure and the distance scale on the lens, having checked the focus with the split image looking at a B&W "4 checker board".

With the current love affair some have with using f/0.9 - f/1.2 at close distances, the article has some merit, however like most things, it's useful info to keep in mind should the case or need arise, in which the situation could be relevant.

We often repeat the mistakes we most enjoy...
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