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Focusing, for over 50 years I've been getting it wrong.

In all that time I've been using the Focus-Recompose Method, sounds like a form of contraception.

Sorry I digress, on another forum it was stated that the FRM does not work....

Well it has worked for me for 50 years I thought and read on. The very reason I read the thread was because that in all the previous OMD cameras I've owned, 3 x E-M1, 1 x E-M5.2 the method (FRM) seemed to work fine, or I thought it did.


The focus recompose method seemed to fall down when I acquired a new E-M1.2 with 12-40 a month or so ago.

If I position the focus box where I want it then things are fine, but using the FRM I have definitely had the subject OOF.

Anyone else noticed anything funny with the E-M1.2, is the focusing different from it's predecessors?
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