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Re: How to achieve 'perfect' whites in Hi Key?

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post
Hi Paul

Thanks for the comments.

In product shots like these, the product is actually sitting on the 'background' so there is no separation between subject and background that allows it to be lit with 2 stops difference. So how would you get around that?
Hi David
By lighting and exposing it correctly(using a incident light reading from a flash meter) as I first mentioned. This would get you in the ball park and perhaps would need a minor tweak in PP. I do not do product photography but have done a lot of studio portrait work and the principles are the same I would imagine

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post
Secondly, although I understand the idea behing what you have done, could you say which program you're using and how you could replicate that in Lightroom 2.xx (I haven't upgraded to LR3).

This was done in Elements 7 using levels, sadly setting a white point is one of those things that cannot be done in LR, you can increase exposure or use curves but both will effect all the other tones as well and is not as effective or as easy.
Regards Paul.
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