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Re: Low light primes

Neither of these will be wide angle on an Oly. The 30mm will be 60mm (35mm equivalent, and the 24mm 48mm). As far as I know there are no wide angle primes available for 'normal' 4/3rds bodies. There is a 17mm (34mm) f2.8 for micro 4/3rds though but I don't think they will fit normal 4/3rds.
Your best bet for wide angle would be the 11-22mm ZD, which is often referred to as an 11mm prime (22mm) as it is soooo good. Yeah, I know that it is not as fast as the Sigmas, and therefore not as usable in low light but there is nothing (?) else around. As you have an E-30 the 'better' high ISO performance may compensate. The 11-22mm is quite pricey new but you may get one S/H around the price of the Sigmas (400).

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