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Re: E-Group Forum and Posting Pictures

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post

I have a couple of questions which I'm going to post in this one thread.

1. Albums - I have created an album from User Control Panel > Networking > Pictures & Albums > A Winter's Day

It can be found here

However, when I go my Gallery none of the pictures or the album itself are to be found

What am I doing wrong?
This is an easy one to answer David, what you have done is this...

vBulletin is the software used to power the e-group www site, and Photopost is the software that is used to drive the gallery on e-group. However, vBulletin also has a basic gallery feature - which is what you have created... i.e. the vBulletin gallery rather than the Photopost gallery. It's a tad confusing, especially since vBulletin introduced the gallery feature in their bb software.

This is why you don't see the gallery in the 'Gallery'... if you see what I mean.

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post
2. Compression - In order to post in the album above I exported the photos from Lightroom, specifying the longest side should be 600 pixels and in order to stay below the 99.7kb I set the resolution to 72pixels per inch and the quality of the compression to 30.

The photos in the album have quite bad banding and noise as a result. This is particularly noticeable in this shot

What settings should I have used?
The reason your images are so jaggy is because of the amount of compression used. Try setting this to between 60-80.

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post
3. Exif - How can I view the exif data of photos that people have posted either in the gallery or in threads?
How you view the EXIF data depends on a fwe things, one of which is the web browser you're using. If you use FireFox, try downloading Exif Viewer - this will then allow you to right click on an image and select View Exif (or similar) from the menu.

Originally Posted by David Gethin View Post
4. Posting photos in foto fair - Based on the above do people usually link to photos in their E-group album, or do they normally embed a link from another website eg flickr in order to get the best quality and accessibility to exif data.

Thanks for your help, David
I don't often post my pics in the gallery on here, as I host my own images on my own www site. I usually link them from there.

Hope this helps.

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