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Re: Adobe LR - no more updates - options?


The issues related to changing SW are related to metadata.
  1. Development settings. For 95% of the photos I take I will have custom development settings. Cropping, rotation, tonal curve/black and white points. Sometimes white balance, when needed noise reduction and masking.
  2. Tags. 99% of my photos are tagged with a scheme that allows to find and filter out places, events, people, dates and even camera gear used.

Changing SW is a no-no unless there is support to migrate all that metadata, which has taken quite some time to create.

Being forced to a subscription pricing model? As someone else wrote, the day you stop paying you are left with... nothing.

I fully understand SW comes at a cost and am prepared to pay for it (and do so already today), however I want to make the call myself purchasing a new version of the SW, driven for instance by the support for a specific camera model which did not exist in the version I have been using.

I hate being locked in and forced to subscribe.

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