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Re: Adobe LR - no more updates - options?

Originally Posted by jdal View Post
Performance is no better on my machine than Lightroom, runs something in the background that uses masses of power (i.e processor intensive), when the app itself isn't running. Import of LR stuff seemed good, but machine rebooted half way through, no idea why. Didn't like the way it handled selecting by keywords. A shame, it looks a good bit of software and well worth the money. I think if I hadn't gotten so used to LR and had a more powerful machine, I'd likely use it.
I'm lucky as I was just looking for something of an upgrade to Elements. The RAW processing is far superior to what I have used before, and as I was watching all the youtube videos about RAW they all seemed to have the lightroom version with gradients and other stuff I didnt have, so I realised I had only half the tools in the toolbox.
I think I still have a LOT to learn about the catalog and keywords, I used Elements in its basic form, merely using the star rating to shortlist the images I thought worthy of processing, so I really need to refine all of this workflow now I am becoming more involved in my photography again.

I think I have found what it is that runs in the background. I have turned off face recognition and now my computer is running nicely... so thanks I just assumed all of this type of software was memory hungry
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