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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Gate Keeper View Post
Itís desperate, the staffing levels in the NHS.

What is the answer?

Hope your feeling chilled
It must be desperate. Almost every time I visit a hospital I see large groups of people, mainly nurses, standing around putting the world to rights; probably complaining about the government, having too much to do or not being paid enough.

Personally I have no complaints at all about the service I have received from the NHS, but my observations are that the NHS could do a lot more with the staff that is has if only they were properly organised and motivated. I have not seen similar timewasting in other industries since the end of nationalisation.

On a similar subject, my niece went to university and trained as a nurse on an NHS sponsorship. She chose to specialise in elderly and dementia care, which she enjoys. However, she complains that because of her speciality she was never trained to take bloods or administer injections, and so despite being a SRN is not able to undertake these tasks. She therefore has to request a nurse or doctor from another department to do the job which not only wastes time and resources but also causes dementia patients considerable distress. She has requested the necessary training, which I understand would only take a few days, but these requests have been declined.

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