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Re: Political: We're doomed, Captain Mannering...

Originally Posted by Otto View Post
Wind, solar and tidal generation produce only intermittent power; demand is continuous... Remember the cold hard winter of (iirc) 2009/10? There was hardly any wind during that cold spell.
Both points well taken.

However, battery storage is getting more efficient, and will continue to do so. Lest we forget - which I did, there is a thermal contribution that could be added into the equation?

Indeed, it would take some time to be evolved into a useful strategy, but whilst sitting on our chocolate tubes, swilling beer and picking our collective noses whilst working out how to avoid taxes / fiddle expenses, won't resolve anything.

I just find it difficult to understand why getting from London to anywhere out-side the M25 @ X £billions for the 10%, is more important than an increasingly ongoing expensive than the @ £billions problem that affects the 100%?

At the risk of using the exiting 'B' word issue, which seems to be undergoing a similar BS + BS + NP process, could explain many of our current woe's.
It's not what inspires us that is important, it's where the journey takes us.

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