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Re: Lens Fungus

Originally Posted by drmarkf View Post
I recommend shining a bright (e.g. LED) light through the lens and seeing what that looks like. I had an old 135mm Leitz that I inherited from my Dad serviced by a good specialist repairer and, while the mechanics are now superb, looking through at a light reveals a major snowstorm. I predict that yours will be the same, but would be pleased if it wasn't!
It always amuses me when I someone worries about a speck of dust in a lens. The front element of my 350mm would give them nightmares. I knew a bird photographer in the UK who discovered a crack an inch and a half long in the front element of his 600mm. He didn't know how long it had been cracked and continued using the lens.
It's the image that's important, not the tools used to make it.

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